CBC NXNW: Studio One Book Club interview with Guy Gavriel Kay

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CBC North By NorthwestI tell people I don’t listen to the radio much anymore, but that’s not quite true. Every single morning I wake up to the sound of CBC Radio One on my clock radio. And on Saturday and Sunday mornings this means I wake up to the sounds of North By Northwest, a BC based radio show that’s seemingly more often than not, about books. “The Studio One Book Club” is their long running feature I enjoy most. I was just checking their podcast feed and I re-discovered an interview I heard on the radio. Host Sheryl MacKay and a studio audience talked to Guy Gavriel Kay about his new historically inspired Fantasy novel Under Heaven. It was broadcast earlier this year in four parts. Coolly, all four parts are now available as a one hour, one episode, podcast! Have a listen |MP3|

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Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. CBC has not yet released J. Michael Straczynski’s The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al. Pity.

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