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Canadia: 2056 Season 2Yep, today’s the day, and tonight’s the night – Tonight at 11PM in every time zone across Canada (‘cept Newfoundland) CBC Radio One is premiering the first episode of the second season of Matt Watt’s Canadia: 2056! This is exciting isn’t it?

Listen to the two PROMOs they’ve posted to the website…

Promo 1 |MP3| Promo 2 |MP3|

And here’s the official description of the firs episode:

Six months after their fateful return to Earth, the Canadian maintenance ship Canadia and her crew lay in ruins.
The captain has deserted his post, Anderson and the Robot have gone off seeking answers, Faverau tries to hold on to the past and Lewis is left to try to put it all back together. They have all but given up hope that the human race can survive. Until a sign from above reaffirms their belief in the human spirit… kind of.

There are two big ads on the CBC homepage for the show…

CBC Radio One - Canadia: 2056 Season 2 Premiere

CBC Radio One - Canadia: 2056 Season 2 Premiere

Speaking of advertising, another terrific CBC radio show that isn’t being podcast seems to have taken a big step toward it… The Age of Persuasion hosted by Terry O’Reilly, has placed some BBC-style “listen again” links on it’s sub-page! They still aren’t “podcasting” the show, but the files are in the MP3 format and are hosted in the CBC podcast URL. Check these out…






It would be just next to heaven if Canadia: 2056 could do this too!

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