CBC Radio One has posted a series of interesting a…

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CBC Radio One has posted a series of interesting and quite funny conversations with William Gibson about his novel Pattern Recognition. Here are the links:

|Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Also from CBC Radio One, a 54 minute exploration of the future of textiles! Strange topic, but its quite good. Produced by the always fascinating IDEAS program. Here is the blurb:

THOUGHTS ON THREADS – broadcast on IDEAS April 29, 2002

Will everyone eventually dress like characters on Star Trek? Will synthetics completely replace natural fibres? What is the future of biotextiles and electrotextiles? Ian Clayton investigates the crossover between the science and the science fiction of clothing. Listen to this program in real time (54:20)

While not quite science fiction CBC Radio One‘s program Quirks & Quarks is always popular among Canadian science fiction fans. Here’s an idea of what its all about “For a quarter of a century Quirks & Quarks has brought its listeners to the cutting edge of scientific inquiry. Every week, the program presents the people behind the latest discoveries in the physical and natural sciences – from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest objects in the sky and everything in between. The program also examines the political, social, environmental and ethical implications of new developments in science and technology. Quirks & Quarks is a program for people fascinated by the world above, below and around them. And you don’t need a PhD to enjoy it.”

And like all CBC Radio One programs you can listen online live, and listen to past shows.

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