CBC Radio One’s IDEAS: Who Owns Ideas?

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CBC Radio One - IdeasJust in time to educate voters and candidates about Bill C-61 and the upcoming federal election, CBC Radio One’s Ideas has posted an hour long |MP3| on the topic of Who Owns Ideas?. They talk to lots of folks including SF authors Eric Flint, Cory Doctorow, and about Baen Books and Random House. Podcast listeners take note, this particular show isn’t in the regular podcast feed (which is sadly still only podcasting one show out of five).

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Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. Free Apocalypse Al!

3 thoughts to “CBC Radio One’s IDEAS: Who Owns Ideas?”

  1. I agree with Jack. I can’t understand why the CBC can’t have a huge archive. I’d love to listen to Ideas programs with Lister Sinclair as host. I wonder if those programs were archived on hard drive or tape or at all. Now I don’t listen to CBC at all. I used to listen to many programs but the ones I liked are all gone.

  2. CBC does offer a “best of ideas” podcast, but it doesn’t dig very deep into it’s massive archives. That sucks.

    On the other hand, there are still many quality CBC shows being produced. SPARK and SEARCH ENGINE lead the pack, but plenty of other shows have terrific offerings. What CBC is desperately missing at the moment is a radio drama podcast.

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