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CBC Radio radio

Prior to about 2004 I would have instantly purchased one of these for everyone in my family. It’s the prototype, by Science & Sons, for a CBC Radio radio. The idea is it only gets two channels. CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two. That’s pretty much all the radio (on the radio) that I listen to.

CBC Radio radio

Sez Science & Sons:

The RADIO CANADA concept is a homage to the cultural significance of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This radio console design was inspired by the dedication of the many CBC listeners who keep their radio dials permanently set to our national broadcaster. After setting the radio to local CBC frequencies, listeners can toggle between CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two without hearing the static in between.

The elegant design of RADIO CANADA celebrates the immediacy of the medium and reflects the quality of the broadcasts it receives. Additional features include MP3 player compatibility.

If this thing ever gets released with a built in CBC Radio podcatcher, I will buy at least one.

[via the Inside The CBC blog]

P.S. Speaking of CBC… Hey, CBC I haven’t forgotten that J. Michael Straczynski radio drama series that your sitting on. Give it up!

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