CBC: Ray Bradbury interview (1992 with Eleanor Wachtel)

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CBC - Writers & CompanyHere’s a Ray Bradbury interview from May 3, 1992. Recorded with Eleanor Wachtel from CBC’s Writers & Company. It’s a pretty terrific interview, in large part because of how different it is from the Vicki Gabereau interview that I posted yesterday.

Wachtel seems to rub Ray Bradbury the wrong way. When she challenges him about his bold claims about the place of SF in literature and the world Bradbury goes on the offensive (as offensive as Bradbury can get) – making some awesome arguments. Bradbury sees the then present, of 1992, as a place that’s absolutely wonderful – arguing that for just a few dollars you can form your own film society by renting all the world’s best films (something I myself did – except I bought them used from those video stores). But when Wachtel mentions the environmental problems (specifically a hole in the ozone layer) Bradbury takes her to task on the existence or non-existence of same – arguing that he’ll not be dragged into the role of doomsayer. It’s terrific! Have a listen:

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  1. Great interview, thanks for sharing Jesse. We mostly think of Bradbury as a kindly old grandfather but it’s obvious he had firm opinions as well.

    It seems like he had an equivocal view of technology: He does think progress is largely for the better and has democratized us, but he also makes strong statements here and elsewhere against automobiles and computers, and the loss of our humanity.

  2. Indeed, his opinions, and passions, shifted over time – but his joyful lyrical nature seemed pretty constant.

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