CBC Spark: Bill C-32, Canada’s awful new copyright legistlation

June 8, 2010
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CBC Radio - SparkCanada’s Conservative government has tabled a new copyright bill (a proposed law). Bill C-32 contains a provision to prevent the legalization of most of the rights it purports to be enshrining. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection provisions in Bill C-32 would trump Canadian citizen’s rights on a number of fronts.

Listen to Nora Young of CBC’s Spark talking to CBC’s Peter Nowak about Bill C-32 |MP3|.

After listening to the segment it sounds to my like Bill C-32 is a hipper, slicker version of Bill C-61. The question is will better talking points be enough for it to get through? I sure hope not. Bill C-32 means…

-We’ll have to say goodbye to fair dealing (using portions of copyrighted material in your own work). Circumventing what the government is calling “TPMs” (technological protection measures) on copyrighted materials would not be unlawful under Bill C-32. TPM, by the way, is the new, less tarred acronym for DRM.

This is really bad folks. The most read story I’ve ever written includes a Wall-E with a “copyright criminal” sign. I photoshopped from two different copyrighted images. That’s fair dealing, right there. That image has been widely used around the net (do a search for it on TinEye.com if you’re curious).

-Goodbye format shifting! No more ripping a DVD to MP4 for your iPod. It would be legal under Bill C-32 only if your DVD didn’t have any DRM. I guess it’s just too bad that virtually every store bought DVD you’ve ever purchased has DRM on it!

Under Bill C-32 you won’t be allowed to rip your own legally owned DVDs. You’ll just have to keep buying the same movie over and over folks.

-Lawyer up if you’ve ever installed a PC game! DRM can lock out a game’s owner from their own legally purchased products.

I recently bought the Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary Bundle (at Future Shop), I played through the first two games in the series only to discover the fourth (Medal of Honor: Airborne) had a bad install on my Vista machine. I entered the activation code three times, and was locked out. I had to download a keygen to make my own game work.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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