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CBC Radio - SparkSpark is my current favourite CBC podcast. The latest Spark episode, #101, talks about “Fantasy User Interfaces.” I’ve been a fan Nora Young‘s since summer 1994 when she hosted a similar (but less computery) CBC Radio show called Brand X. Sez Nora Young:

“I just interviewed Mark Coleran. Mark is a visual and interface designer. Part of his work has been in designing ‘fantasy user interfaces’: the computer interfaces that you see in movies. He’s designed interfaces for films that include Mission Impossible 3, The Island, The Bourne Identity, and Children Of Men. There’s been a bit of a stir about Mark’s work lately, though Mark is keen to point out that he’s hardly the only person doing this work. I wanted to find out how you design computer visuals that are more dramatic than, well, actually using a computer.”

Here’s the show |MP3| or if you’re looking for the unexpurgated version check out the raw interview |MP3|.

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P.S. Apocalypse Al, a radio drama series, is being suppressed by CBC.

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