CBC: Spark: Interview with David Fewer about Bill C-11 (Canada’s awful new copyright legistlation)

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CBC Radio - SparkHere’s Nora Young’s full interview with David Fewer (of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic) on Bill C-11: |MP3|

A shorter version appeared as a part of Spark #183

From the interview it seems clear that Bill C-11 (like Bills C-32 and C-61 previously) includes a fatal flaw that makes the ordinary activities of Canadians illegal whenever a digital lock is put upon a work. The mere presence of a digital lock will, in actual fact, trump any and all rights that the C-11 looks like it will otherwise provide.

C-11 forbids fair dealing. It forbids satire and parody. It forbids format shifting. Even after a work enters the public domain, if it has DRM on it, it will be illegal to circumvent DRM to get at it.

Bill C-11 is some really fucked up shit.

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