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CBC Radio - SparkFor his latest book tour William Gibson has been invited onto scores of radio programs and podcasts. I’ve heard him interviewed, and answer similiar questions over and over. But, CBC’s Spark programme may be the best to go with as it features the ever thoughtful Nora Young. Sez Young:

“Yesterday, I interviewed novelist William Gibson in our Toronto studio. I’ve followed his work for years, ever since reading Neuromancer ages ago. Although I’ve interviewed him a few times before, I’d never met him in person, so today was a treat. Gibson is best known as a science fiction writer, and a foundational figure in the cyberpunk genre. More recently, though, he has been writing books set in the here and now, albeit a here and now infused with a distinctly Gibsonian world view. We talked about his latest novel, Zero History, part three in a trilogy.”

Have a listen |MP3|. A shorter version of this interview will air on an upcoming episode of Spark.

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