CBS Radio Mystery Theater: The Horla adapted from the story by Guy de Maupassant

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Here’s a very cool find, the most modern radio dramatization adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s The Horla yet! This 19th century classic of Science Fiction and Horror is made grand as a radio drama! The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre’s version is more than 40 minutes long, which gives the plot enough time to truly develop the story.

As with so many authors who become famous, this adaptation blurs the distinction between the unnamed protagonist of the original short story and the author himself. The afflicted man, thus, is Guy de Maupassant himself! The adaptation take quite a few other liberties with the story, adding a few telephone conversations, moving scenes around and changing the focus slightly. There is major fire, but unlike the original short story the fire is not of the protagonist’s home. As with all CBS Radio Mystery Theater productions there is a narrator, but as with all the ones I’ve heard, it isn’t a crutch for the storytelling. I heartily recommend this production.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a direct link to an MP3 file anywhere online but it is available on as a part of a fifty |Zipped File| collection. Actually, all 1,399 episodes of the terrific series (!) are available THERE too. And for more information on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater check out this site (it has a very handy searchable database).

CBS Radio Mystery TheaterCBS Radio Mystery Theater – The Horla
Based on the story by Guy de Maupassant; Adapted by Sam Dann; Performed by a full cast
Zipped MP3 File (with many others) – Approx. 43 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: CBS
Broadcast: February 22, 1974
A man becomes obsessed with a ship in the harbor he is convinced harbors a terrible evil that is the doom of mankind.

Paul Hecht
Bryna Raeburn
Robert Dryden
Dan Ocko

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  1. go to the YouTube site
    MysteryTheaterRadio they have 154 radio episodes all in chronlogical order.My site collects the best of audio and video like MR James trilogy short videos including Incident at Owl Creek Bridge and of course the excellent Twilight Zone episode

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