Chapter Two of The Gathering Storm Available at Tor

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The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonTor appears to be going all-out in its promotion of the 12th installment of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, The Gathering Storm, co-written by Brandon Sanderson. In partnership with Macmillan Audio, has made the novel’s second chapter, “The Nature of Pain” narrated by Kate Reading, available for online listening.

The Gathering Storm, Chapter Two, “The Nature of Pain”

Registration on is required, but it’s fast and free to sign up. The novel’s Prologue, “What the Storm Means”, is also available at Audible for a low price, and the first chapter, “Tears from Steel”, is readable–sadly no audio–at The Gathering Storm will be released on 27 October.

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2 thoughts to “Chapter Two of The Gathering Storm Available at Tor”

  1. Where can I find a text version of both the prologue and chapter 2? Chapter 1 is available as a free .pdf download on Amazon’s “The Gathering Storm” website, but I can’t find either other chapter as a text file anywhere.

  2. As far as I know, they’re not available anywhere in text format. I think Tor is casting a wide net in its publicity approach, pushing people towards the book on as many platforms as possible. Not long to wait for the entire thing now, though, although that’ll cost ya.

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