2 thoughts to “Click here to find an interview of John Joseph Adams”

  1. Great interview!

    At one point JJA says “I think it might just be a matter of training your brain to process the auditory narrative in an efficient way” in regards to not losing track of a narrative amid distraction.

    A friend of mine who doesnt listen to audiobooks at all said he doesn’t listen to them because he is so easily distracted. I told him how many audiobooks I am currently listening to. He couldn’t beleive I have 7 audiobooks all in the process of being read at any given time. I have a cassette player at work, a cd player and a cassette player in my car, a walkman for transition between home and work and for use at the gym, an mp3-CD boombox in the bathroom, and another in the bedroom, and an old fashioned cassette player clock radio, in the kitchen a mini stereo, and even a cassette player in my computer. :)

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