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A recent episode of the normally ludicrous Coast To Coast AM features a fascinating and lengthy interview with Paul Bishop. Bishop is known to us from his excellent Bish’s Beat blog. In the interview Bish talks about his careers (crime writer, screenwriter and police interrogator). He also talks about his role on a bizarrely watchable new unscripted TV series called Take The Money And Run. Take The Money And Run is a kind of surreal reality game show that pits two American civilians against four American police detectives in a 48 hour competition to win $100,000. Here’s the Wikipedia description:

The contestants are given a car, cell phone, and one hour to hide the case. At the end of the hour, the contestants are taken into custody and questioned by interrogators in an attempt to locate the case. The detectives are given the GPS recordings of the route that the contestants took in the car, as well as phone records of who they called. If the detectives can locate the case within 48 hours, they are awarded the $100,000. If not, the contestants win the prize.

Bishop is one of only three recurring players on the show. His role is to interrogate the detained civilian contestants, find out what they are lying about and thus help the episodes’ guest detectives win.

I’ve seen the show, and I feel very strange after watching it. Bish’s interrogations are psychologically frightening. With so many people out of work in the U.S. it feels almost like a real life precursor to The Running Man!

Here’s the three part interview:

Promo for the TV series:

[via Bish’s Beat]

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