Commentary: Annotating Ward Shelley’s A History Of Science Fiction

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I love looking at Ward Shelley’s The History Of Science Fiction. It really inspires me.

I’ve, for my own amusement, done a little annotating, adding little thumbtacks noting every podcast READALONG we’ve done. But I’ve only put on the ones that are explicitly named on the chart. So, for example, even though we’ve talked about Tarzan Of The Apes I haven’t noted it because the chart only lists “Tarzan.” Similarly, we’ve done a podcast about A Princess Of Mars but as the chart only reads “John Carter” I haven’t made a notation.

But still and all, I find it fun to look at. And looking at it, it makes me want to add more!

You can click through to see more detail.

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  1. I think you should go back and chart authors too! We’ve done Lovecraft a bunch of times. I sense we will show far fewer on the right, in the end. :P

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