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HuffDuffer.comPersistent subscribers will have noticed me talking up a service called For those unaware, and before you get all concerned that it’s a site for kitten harmers don’t worry no kittens are harmed by huff-duffing. See the verb “to huff-duff” derives from the technique called H.igh F.requency D.irection F.inding. typically “known by its acronym HF/DF, pronounced Huff-Duff. This has become the common name for this type of radio direction finder, and was coined during World War II.”

Here’s the way Jeremy Keith, the guy behind, describes his site:

  • You find an MP3 that you’d like to share with the world.
  • Use the handy “huffduff it” button directly on the site.
  • That file is now added to your podcast.
  • Tag it

    When you are huffduffing an audio file, you can “tag” it with key words or phrases. Separate tags with spaces or commas; whichever you prefer. Tagging files like this makes it easier to find related files that other people have huffduffed.

    A separate podcast is created for every tag you use.

    Discover it

    Tags are also a useful way of finding interesting stuff that other people have huffduffed.

    Jeremy has built some features into HuffDuffer to give it the potential as a new social networking site – but you needn’t be a social networker to use the service.

    I got Scott Danielson and Julie Davis HuffDuffing. So why aren’t you?

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