Commentary: Radio Drama from J. Michael Straczynski SHELVED! Let’s get it aired!

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THE FREE The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al CAMPAIGN

In 2006 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio One division developed and produced a 20 part Radio Drama series called The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, the show was written by Babylon 5 visionary J. Michael Straczynski. But, CBCR1 has recently decided the show will not air nationally in Canada.

We have a big problem with that. And we think you should too.

This isn’t a matter of wasted tax payer money. We love CBC Radio, we want CBC Radio to live long, its staff and talent to keep producing their exceptional works. We just don’t think its right that completed and fully produced program not be aired. This is J. Michael Straczynski! His storytelling ability has been proven, the guy knows and loves radio drama. Let’s get this show on the air, podcast, or at the very least released on CD.

Inquiries by fans wondering what’s happening with the show have been receiving polite explanations such as this one:

>Thank you for taking the time to contact the CBC.
>As of this point in time, we have not received any notice that this
>program [The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al] will be airing on
>CBC Radio in the near future. I should however point out that it is unlikely that >this program will be made available by podcast. With the majority of our comedy
>and drama programs, we have broadcast rights and not distribution. This
>will, however, depend largely on the agreements negotiated with
>producers, actors, etc.
>The ideas, opinions and questions of our audience are important to the
>CBC if we are to remain relevant as the national public broadcaster. Your >comments and questions will be entered into our Audience Reaction Report >which is circulated among our senior producers, programmers, and executives, >including our President and CEO…

But CBC producer Joe Mahoney (who worked on the series himself) has posted even straighter dope about the show’s fate on his blog:

“Somewhat to my astonishment I’ve learned that The Adventures of Apocalypse Al, the twenty part series of five minute radio plays we produced last year (written by none other than J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame), will NOT be aired nationally anywhere on CBC Radio. It is possible that it will be picked up regionally here and there, but I will have no way of knowing when and where.”

I think we could all live with a regional CBC Radio One program airing the series. But how do we even make that happen?

That’s where you all come in.

If you have a blog, and love the work of JMS, write about this problem. If you loved Babylon 5 and have a podcast, talk about this issue. If you work for one of the many CBC Radio One regional programs inquire about airing the show get the show for broadcast – it is available! We want to hear The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al and we’re determined to see it happen.

Folks, let us know what you’re doing and what you’re saying and we’ll post a list of where and from whom this campaign is getting attention.

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*This one posted with a sub-campaign for Ontario residents: Write-in to the regional CBC Radio programme “Fresh Air“. It airs between 6:00 am 9:00 am Saturday and Sundays.

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