Commentary: Second Life

Second Life

It is a fundamental law of the universe that at some point every blog must mention Second Life. Today is our turn.

Sorry about that.

I won’t be harping on the rampant commercialism in Second Life, nor the unrestricted virtual sex that seems to be the focus of it. I’m not all that interested. Rather I’d like to mention that a few places in Second Life that are worth visiting.

Snapshot from the OCTOBER COUNTRY in Second Life

1. October Country [Pictured above] – is a Halloween themed place that features radio dramas |TELEPORT| like the NPR version of The Empire Strikes Back.

2. Bantam Dell Island – a publisher’s home, featuring some events by authors |TELEPORT|

3. Podcast Island |TELEPORT| Which features podcasters and podcasting events.

4. Book Island |TELEPORT| Bookstores and authors pitching books.

On Sunday (tomorrow at the time of this post) there will be an author reading by Paul Levinson you can |TELEPORT| there at 2pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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