Copyfighting (and Hugo Winning) Science Fiction from Spider Robinson: Melancholy Elephants


Spider On The Web PodcastThe Spider On The Web podcast, has a terrific Hugo winning story from 1982! This is a story made for, its creative commons licensed, a Heinleinesque Science Fiction tale in which a shadowy killer meets with a corrupt senator who’s been paid to back a proposed copyright extension bill. As Robinson sez “Copyright is a hot-button topic these days. Does information want to be free…or just reasonably priced?” Find out the answer, in this FREE tale. Spider Robinson is amazing, as writer and narrator both!

Science Fiction short story - Melancholy Elephants by Spider RobinsonMelancholy Elephants
By Spider Robinson; Read by Spider Robinson
1 |MP3| – Approx. 34 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: Spider On The Web
Podcaster: November 17th 2007
“She sat zazen, concentrating on not concentrating, until it was time to prepare for the appointment. Sitting seemed to produce the usual serenity, put everything in perspective. Her hand did not tremble as she applied her make-up; tranquil features looked back at her from the mirror. She was mildly surprised, in fact, at just how calm she was, until she got out of the hotel elevator at the garage level and the mugger made his play. She killed him instead of disabling him. Which was obviously not a measured, balanced action–the official fuss and paperwork could make her late. Annoyed at herself, she stuffed the corpse under a shiny new Westinghouse roadable whose owner she knew to be in Luna, and continued on to her own car. This would have to be squared later, and it would cost. No help for it–she fought to regain at least the semblance of tranquility as her car emerged from the garage and turned north. Nothing must interfere with this meeting, or with her role in it.”

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