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Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s series THE LAST HARBINGER will be featured this Friday the 16th on BBC Radio 4’s A World In Your Ear programme just after the main lunchtime news.

Each week the BBC producers and team of researchers of A World In Your Ear select and present samples of what they describe as the ‘world’s best radio’.

In a special space- themed programme, A World In Your Ear hails Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s THE LAST HARBINGER as; ‘a combination of dark comedy, social critique and riveting radio’, singling out this series as a ‘political satire for our times’.

On-line listeners can hear the programme at their convenience any time next week at the BBC A World In Your Ear page:

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  1. I’ve always thought some kind of mp3 player would be cool to have, but they are kind of spendy and I didn’t think I would use it tons (at my desk I’ve got my computer and in my car I have a CD player — that seems adequate to cover my needs).

    Now, though, it seems like an mp3 player would be very practical for holding stuff like this or stories that are too large to fit on a disc I might burn. Is that what you do with broadcasts such as this? Do you have anything thoughts on what to look for in an mp3 player?

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