Dark Pods – Two Audiostories


Here are a couple of dark treats before the holiday spirit consumes us all. Not for younger listeners!

From Escape Pod,
“Me and My Shadow” by Mike Resnick.
Read by Stephen Eley.
First appeared in Unauthorized Autobiographies and Other Curiosities, 1984.

Of course, even if we had met before, they couldn’t recognize me now. I know. I’ve spent almost three years trying to find out who I was before I got Erased — but along with what they did to my brain, they gave me a new face and wiped my fingerprints clean. I’m a brand new man: two years, eleven months, and seventeen days old. I am (fanfare and trumpets, please!) William Jordan. Not a real catchy name, I’ll admit, but it’s the only one I’ve got these days.

A dark story about a personality better left buried.

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From Pseudopod,
“Finding Allison” by Glen Krish
Read by Alasdair Stuart

Disarming and cruel. Two words could sum up Allison’s smile, and that’s all he had left of her. Her smile hid right behind his eyes, pushing at his brain like a tumor — that angled, curt, and thick-lipped smile. Even the day before she left, they seemed collectively twined together, a seamless mass of flesh, two shadows of one body. Now he was alone with a gun in his lap.

Another dark story about personality, but in a very different way.
Available in [mp3] format here You can subscribe to the podcast feed via this url:

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