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The George R. R. Martin PodcastWith the Game of Thrones hype engine at full speed (and heck yeah I’m going to watch it), I’m reminded of a short lived podcast from George R.R. Martin back in 2006. I just checked, and the files are still there. It ran for 8 episodes right around the time that A Feast for Crows was released.

The feed:

Or the individual episodes:
Episode 1: The Birth of A Song of Ice and Fire – |MP3|
Episode 2: The Origin of George R. R. Martin the Writer – |MP3|
Episode 3: Good Advice for Aspiring Writers – |MP3|
Episode 4: Tales of Hollywood – |MP3|
Episode 5: Weird Stuff — Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror – |MP3|
Episode 6: An Excerpt from A Feast For Crows – |MP3|
Episode 7: Games, Comic Books, and Figures – |MP3|
Episode 8: The Fans – |MP3|

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