Decoder Ring Theatre: Marvellous Boxes: Frozen Words Thawed? by Tim Prasil

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Decoder Ring TheatreMarvellous BoxesThere’s a new anthology series running on Decoder Ring Theatre – it’s entitled Marvellous Boxes. I’ve somehow missed the first episode because I’ve just heard the second episode, Frozen Words Thawed?. The plot impressed me, the unconventional storytelling impressed me, the research and scholarship impressed me, and I liked a whole lot too! Once you’ve heard it, check out THIS terrific post on the writing of it. And there’s a nice discussion thread starting on AudioDramaTalk HERE. Very, very impressive Mr. Prasil!

Here’s the official description:

The second installment of author Tim Prasil’s all-new anthology series continues our tour of new worlds of the imagination. This week, a reminder that history is written by the victor, and that the strangest gladitorial arenas are often the ones that appear the most civilized. What will happen when we hear… Frozen Words Thawed?


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6 thoughts to “Decoder Ring Theatre: Marvellous Boxes: Frozen Words Thawed? by Tim Prasil”

  1. Heard it last night Paula, now I’m not sure which I like better!

    I think Prasil is doing something very cool, he’s writing idea based fiction – not stuff-happens fiction.

    I’m going to keep an eye out for the rest of the Marvellous Boxes anthology!

  2. I highly recommend Tim Prasil’s previous DRT Showcase episodes as well. He wrote “Magic of the Movies,” “The Crasher” and “Thinking in Ternary” for, I believe, the first season of Showcase episodes. He stated somewhere (I don’t remember just where right now) that he considers “Thinking in Ternary” a Marvellous Boxes test episode, and it features the dr. from “Frozen Words Thawed” in a minor role.

  3. Have you had a chance to listen to Tim’s “Facing Cydonia” yet? It might be his best so far–and the acting really stands out, too.

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