Decoder Ring Theatre’s Xmas Panda Spectacular! (a Red Panda episode, with a Xmas theme)

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Decoder Ring TheatreI’ve found that regular listening to Decoder Ring Theatre is just way too painful. Even though their episodes are all 99.9% stand-alone independent all-in-one tales I find myself absolutely depressed to have to wait 13 days between shows. Whenever a season wraps I get a giant present all at once and that way I can listen to them back to back and avoid that depression.

But… I just can’t resist downloading the latest Red Panda episode. The Christmas themed show sounds soooo good…

A Red Panda Christmas Adventure

“Yes, kids, there’s a man in red on the rooftops, but it ain’t St Nick! In this very special slice of two-fisted pulp justice with all the trimmings, we tip our fedoras to the great Will Eisner and the classic Christmas stories he wrote for his much-loved Mystery Man ‘The Spirit’, and in so doing, turn 1930’s Toronto on its ear! Please enjoy, with our best wishes… Tis The Season!”

Get it here |MP3| or subscribe to the podcast feed and make Christmas come every two weeks:

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