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Dick Dynamo The 5th Dimensional ManDick Dynamo The 5th Dimensional Man is a new, great sounding, all original audio drama podcast featuring a giant cast of kewl weirdos. Shows come out on the 1st of every month. Two months in, two episodes in…

Episode 1: The Organic Nightmare
Episode 2: The 5 Carat Curse

Dani Cutler, our very own Audio Addict*Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre describes Dick Dynamo like this:

“If you put Matt Helm and Roger Ramjet into the same teleporter and sent them through together, thus melding them into a single, slightly confused but cool being, then poured him into a sci-fi movie with a lot of heaving bosoms and fed everybody in sight as much ‘Captain Crunch’ as they could eat until they were buzzing like a hummingbird… That gives you a vague idea of where this one seems to be heading.”

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*Revised Apr 5th 2007

3 thoughts to “Dick Dynamo The 5th Dimensional Man Podcast”

  1. Actually, I would love to take credit for such a fabulous quote. However, it was my foreign correspondent, Gregg Taylor who said such wonderful things about Dick Dynamo (to which he is absolutely correct!)


  2. …lol… actually, that was me writing in my very occasional position of ‘foreign correspondent’ for the audio addict page. dani is usually much more coherent than i ;)

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