Domo-arigato Dr. Roboto! We’re following up on o…

Online AudioDr. Roboto! We’re following up on our recent review of Daniel H. Wilson Ph.D‘s How To Survive A Robot Uprising: Tips On Defending Yourself Against The Coming Rebellion we’ve got links to some cool behind the scenes-style “special features” for you:

Agony ColumnFirst, HERE‘s a cool MP3 interview with the author himself, it was conducted by Rick Kleffel of the long running review site The Agony Column.

Online AudioSecond, IT Conversations and Dr. Moira Gunn interviews Wilson, you can snag the MP3 HERE.

Neofiles PodcastThird, Wilson is the featured guest on The NeoFiles Podcast (Show #21). The MP3 for which is right HERE.

Online AudioAnd last, Google Video invited Wilson to speak about and read from his book at their Jan 2006 “Author Series.” You can check out the audio (and the oh so useless video) of that event HERE.

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