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Dream Realm Enterprises - AvatarDream Realm Enterprises is best know to SFFaudio readers as the proprietors of their popular Robotz of the Company (now in its fourth season). But, they’ve got other shows too including their own version of Doctor Who and a “Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes” series. Their anthology series The Realm Weaver is DRE’s “exciting sci-fi/fantasy/horror/suspense anthology series! Beyond our concept of reality lie things we cannot comprehend. Sometimes they flit across our plane and we notice them in the corner of our eye, or creeping up behind us while we’re alone. They weave back and forth between our realm and theirs, daring us to see…”

The latest installment of The Realm Weaver is entitled Avatar. Here’s the description…

“A story about a boy, a virtual blonde, and how artificial intelligence changes them both. A 21st century “Pygmalion”, with a little “Lysistrata” thrown in.”

Listen to the trailer |MP3| and then Part 1 |MP3| and Part 2 |MP3|.

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