Earbud Theater: Clang! by Casey Wolfe AUDIO DRAMA

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Earbud TheaterEarbud Theater has a new show they want you to hear. Written by Casey Wolfe, it’s entitled CLANG! and it features a cast you may recognize from other podcasts and movies and elsewhere around the universe.

Have a listen: |MP3|

Here’s the official description:

As any parent knows, balancing work and family can be difficult to say the least. For Gern and Betty Steadfast the two are about to slam together with a great… big… CLANG!

Stephen Tobolowsky as Gern Steadfast
Meeghan Holoway as Betty Steadfast
Sean Keller as The General & Gabriel Edgar Wech
Alex Wagner as Jenni & Ellie
Lindsay Zana as Tyler & Jack

Earbud Theater - CLANG! - illustration by Megan Hutchinson

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