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Eldritch Dark - The Sanctum of Clark Ashton SmithBoyd Pearson’s Eldritch Dark is a website dedicated to Weird Tales author Clark Ashton Smith. Pearson calls Smith: “one of the greatest and least recognized literary talents of the 20th century.” Personally I’ve not read a word by the man – but, I may get around to it later this summer.

Pearson list some suggested readings for Smith virgins. It includes:

* Nyctalops (Poem) |MP3|

* The City of the Singing Flame (Short Story) |7 MP3s|

* The Hashish Eater -or- The Apocalypse of Evil (Poem) |7 MP3s|

I’m confident that some enterprising SFFaudio reader will make suitable HuffDuffer feeds out of some of these or the many other files found on the Eldritch Dark’s Spoken Word sub-page. Hint! Hint! Hint!

And please, whoever does it, can you kindly post links to those feeds into the comments section? We’ll all be the richer for it!

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