Escape Pod gets a FAN podcast: Retrieval Detachment

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Retrieval Detachment PodcastThe Retrieval Detachment podcast takes its name from the job it does, analyzing Escape Pod (and other Science Fiction podcasts). This is the first EPod fan podcast that I know of. It’s really nice to know that there are people as dedicated to short fiction as we are. Who needs another Harry Potter podcast anyway right?

The Detachment seeks to discuss the sci-fi and fantasy behind the stories, whether it’s nanotech, cooking up an immortality potion, or employing zombies as a workforce. The hope is to expand on the concepts presented in the story, and maybe presenting an idea or two that might not have been readily apparent.

Episode 001:|MP3|
The first episode, show hosts discuss the concepts behind the Escape Pod story Nano Comes To Clifford Falls by Nancy Kress.

Episode 002:|MP3|
Discuss the concepts behind the Escape Pod stories Paradox And Greenblatt, Attorneys At Law by Kevin J. Anderson, and I Look Forward To Remembering You by Mur Lafferty.

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