Mur Lafferty Interviewed on The Small World Podcast

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The Small World Podcast’s latest interview is with none other than Mur Lafferty. Well into the Halloween spirit, host Bazooka Joe talks with Mur about the horror-podcast magazine Pseudopod, as well as many other haunting topics. (All right they aren’t really all that haunting. I was just sticking to a theme.)

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One thought to “Mur Lafferty Interviewed on The Small World Podcast”

  1. Just listened! Nice find Dani! Glad to see that Mur has finally stepped up and put an editorial essence into the intros and outros to Pseudopod.

    Also, Mur mentioned she’d be interested in getting some Lovecraft on Pseudopod! That’d be awesome. Looks like a whole lot of good stuff by HPL is in the public domain. Halloween’s too late. Maybe for Christmas?

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