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The Way of Kings
By Brandon Sanderson; Read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading
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Brandon Sanderson’s star has been on the ascent ever since he was tapped to complete Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series. The success of his own Mistborn trilogy, along with the strong reception of The Gathering Storm, have given Sanderson the opportunity and confidence to bring to light a new world that he’s envisioned for years. The Stormlight Archives, of which The Way of Kings is the first volume, may well become Sanderson’s magnum opus, his Lord of the Rings or indeed his own Wheel of Time.

Macmillan Audio has made three chapters available through

From the New York Times bestselling author of Warbreaker and The Hero of Ages comes THE WAY OF KINGS (Macmillan Audio, On Sale 8/31), the first volume of The Stormlight Archies: a monumental ten-volume epic fantasy saga in the tradition of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. Macmillan Audio is publishing the audio edition simultaneously with the hardcover from Tor Books, and fans can now preview Chapters 4, 5, & 6 of Sanderson’s anticipated release exclusively at previously posted the first three chapters in print, and we are excited to extend this exclusive preview by providing the next three in audio format.

The book is read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, whose voices also bring the Wheel of Time series to life. Registration at is required to listen, but it’s free and easy.

Hype surrounding The Way of Kings has reached mammoth proportions, but Brandon Sanderson has the writing chops to make good on the promise of another engrossing and innovative epic fantasy.

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