4 thoughts to “Free Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak”

  1. Ya, the software isn’t great. They also don’t offer it through iTunes, even though all audiobook content on iTunes is from audible.

  2. On a Mac you don’t need to download any other software to play Audible files. Jesse, some differences between getting the Audible version and buying through iTunes: (1)the Audible file will play on a number of mp3 players in addition to iPods, while with iTunes you can only play the file on your computer or on an iPod (2) you can re-download the file any number of times once you have “purchased” it from Audible — that goes for these free files, too. Very handy in case of a disk crash. You need to backup any purchases you make through iTunes because you only get the one download after you’ve purchased.

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