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BBC Radio 6The news just reached me that Futurama (so long confined to the briar patch of straight to DVD sales) is being renewed by Fox – I guess that old saw about when pigs fly and the recent h1n1 pandemic (swine flu) promoted the renewal eh?

Is Firefly next?

To celebrate Futurama‘s revival here’s a 2008 BBC Radio 6 interview with John Di Maggio (Bender) |MP3|.


Did you know there is a Futurama quasi-audiobook (it’s a fan reading of issue #1 of Futurama Comics)!

Futurama Comics #1: Monkey Sea, Monkey DOOM!Futurama Comics #1: Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!
Written by Eric Rogers; Read by Philbot
24 Zipped MP3 Files – Approx. 18 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Provider: Futurama Madhouse
While digging a large hole to hide one of Professor Farnsworth’s inventions that he’s hiding from the police, Fry, Bender and Leela find a time capsule from the 20th century. This capsule has loads of old junk in it, and Fry, seeing this, begins to miss all the things he used to have. While reading an old comic, he finds an ad for some sea monkeys, and purchases some from an old store that sells 20th century stuff. Unfortunately, the sea monkeys don’t impress his friends as much as he wanted them to; at least not until they come into contact with the professor’s gamma radiation, and begin to grow, and grow, and grow!

[via Futurama Madhouse]

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