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The Silver Shroud is a “radio drama” found within Fallout 4!

The star of the The Silver Shroud radio drama is the titular fedora-and-trench-coat-wearing superhero – a hero in the mould of The Shadow and The Red Panda. His mission is “shielding the innocent and judging the guilty” of Boston, Massachusetts. He wields a silver Thompson submachine gun.

In the serialized episodes above we meet his companion heroine named “Mistress Of Mystery” (she also goes by the epithets “Nightmare Of Night”, “The Deceptive Detective”, and “The Dark Dick”).

In fact, the whole Silver Shroud super-hero phenomenon ties in with an in game line of superhero comics called “Hubris Comics.” In game you can find issue of Unstoppables! scattered around Boston.

It seems The Unstoppables were a Justice League-like (or Avengers-like) team of super heroes in the pre-war era (cicrca 2070). Other heroes in the Unstoppables universe include the Conan The Barbarian-like Grognak (who also has his own comic book series) as well as someone named “Inspector” and “Manta Man” (who seems to be Hubris’ version of Aquaman or The Sub-Mariner).

Hubris Comics - Unstoppables!

And by the way, a similar radio drama was embedded within Fallout 3. And here it is:

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