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Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave GibbonsNot sure what all this WATCHMEN hype is all about? Too busy to sit down and read the entire wikipedia entry? Why not listen to it then?

Here it is in three parts:

Part 1 |OGG|
Part 2 |OGG|
Part 3 |OGG|

And before anyone else can ask … let me ask… “Who watched the WATCHMEN?”

Posted by Jesse Willis

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One thought to “Get up to speed on WATCHMEN”

  1. I did, if that’s what you mean. Or at least i read it – haven’t seen the movie yet. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be a big as The Dark Knight (which i loved). Excellent comic but not the best one ever like everyone says, i guess i didn’t quite get it – it’s pretty long and complicated.

    I like stuff like The Dark Knight Returns or Enemy Ace: War Idyll better.

    Great site by the way. More reviews please. Some of my favorites are American Gods and Neuromancer (read by Gibson).

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