Global warming audio drama to air on BBC R4

Online Audio

Online AudioOur U.K. contributor Roy has his eye on an upcoming BBC Radio 4 programme. Roy writes:

“Coming up on BBC R4…

by Mike Walker @ 14:15 – 15:00 on Friday 7th September 2007. Says the Radio Times… ‘Mike Walker’s play set in a near-future Norfolk suffering the effects of global warming. Solicitor Richard Parker returns to his childhood home to clear his late aunt’s property but discovers nothing is as it should be. With just 24 hours to complete the task, he finds himself diverted by a series of extraordinary events.’ I don’t know how much this might qualify as ‘SF’, but Mike Walker does have a track record of previous genre productions on BBC radio (2025 in 1998 and Alpha in 2001).”

Thanks Roy, we’ll keep an ear out for it!

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