Podcast/Radio Show: This Week In Geek interviews Rick Green

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This Week In GeekThis Week In Geek is both a radio broadcast and a podcast. Hosts, Mike Dodd, Steve Saylor and Ashlee Kivell cover all sorts of geeky stuff. But I’ve been holding off telling you about them until this long promised show would air – just yesterday. The podcast for it is up now…

Here’s the description:

“If you grew up in the 1980’s like we did watching Canadian Television, there is one geek that has stood the test of time that taught young geeks everywhere. Yes, today we talk to Prisoners of Gravity, History Bites, and The Red Green Show co-creator/comedian writer Rick Green!

It was an awesome pleasure to speak to Commander Rick himself, and if you ever picture what TWiG would’ve been if we were on TV in the 80’s Rick Green’s projects were it.”

This is one terrific interview, perhaps it is even the coolest interview ever podcast. My good friend Rachelle Shelkey, of Signal Loss website (the Prisoners Of Gravity fansite) was brought in to make the interview even better. Have a listen |MP3|.

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Also, we don’t often make non-audio recommendations but I’ll do so now, let me recommend a DVD:

History Bites - The First Collection DVD
History Bites – The First Collection (DVD)

History Bites is a history show (made in Canada) that uses a ridiculous science fiction premise (that television has been around since the dawn of man) to great comedic and educational effect. This show is jam packed with history done up as television in short skits. Rick Green is the host, if you liked Prisoners of Gravity, you’ll dig It is history, just funnier and more educational.

The DVD is available through Amazon.ca, we’ve got no affiliate tag on this, I’m just a big fan of the show and I think you’ll love it too.

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