Good Story 025: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

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In episode 25 of the A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast, Julie and I discussed Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. It’s the 20th book in the Discworld series, but the first I’ve read. A lot has been made of the proper reading order of the Discworld books (see this handy chart, for example), but I didn’t have any trouble at all following this book. Based on this, my advice is to jump into the series wherever you feel like doing so.

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Nigel Planer did a wonderful job reading this book. Pratchett never stops with the clever lines, and Planer delivers them with perfect timing.

Fantasy Audiobook - Hogfather by Terry PratchettHogfather
By Terry Pratchett, Read by Nigel Planer
10 Hours – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: ISIS Audio Books, via Audible
Published: 2002

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