Great news everyone! The gifts are coming in fas…

Great news everyone! The gifts are coming in fast and furious, and this one’s a real beaut. It seems the good folks at XM Radio’s SONIC THEATER have created a special offer for our benefit! By ordering three months of XM service via the link pictured below you will get one of two styles of XM Radio Recievers for FREE! The FREE models usually cost between $50 and $100.00 in stores so this is a very sweet deal. To get it type in the special XM website link into your browser URL field, it’s the link pictured in the image below, hit enter and when prompted enter the special email code pictured on the image. Deluxe model recievers are also available at a discounted prices. The promotion expires at the end of December so snap it up while you can. Bear in mind you need to purchase a minimum of three months XM Radio subscription (@ about $13.00 per month). It isn’t at this time known whether this offer will work for Canada, but even if it does bear in mind that Sonic Theater is not yet included in the XM Satellite Radio’s Canadian service. You lucky, lucky Americans!

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