Gresham College: Neal Stephenson – Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture

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More on the Audio Vs. Video debate with an ABSOLUTE GEM of a lecture.

Gresham CollegeThe Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture
By Neal Stephenson
1 |MP3| – Approx. 38 Minutes [LECTURE]
Venue: Gresham College
Recorded: August 5th, 2008
Four professors discuss the origins of science fiction, its overlap with other genres and its developments over more than a century.

And for those who prefer their content video…

I disagree with Stephenson’s labels for 300 and 300 Spartans. I’d classify 300 as lame and 300 Spartans as good. But, Stephenson is right, Hugo Weaving would make a good Vulcan.

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