Halo Novels Slated For Audiobook Release Get Axe

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3 Halo AudiobooksAudio Renaissance‘s recently released Perfect Dark: Condition Zero may have been just the first of a new trend, the video game tie-in novel coming to audio. But it now it looks like that trend may never really materialize. See, there were plans afoot to release three audiobooks based around the incredibly popular XBox game called Halo but those plans have now been scrubbed. Apparently the rights-holder a small but feisty computer company called Microsoft, based out of Redmond, WA, has pulled the three slated audiobooks from the publication schedule! Here’s the kicker, the recordings for all three were already completed at the time of the pull! The narrator for all three was reportedly the talented Todd McLaren (who performed the first two Richard K. Morgan novels for Tantor Media). If you’re a Halo fan you’re probably bunny-hopping mad right now. To vent this frustration I suggest you either load up your fuel rod rifle or write your congressman.

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