Happy Mother’s Day Fantasy Fiction

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Marsha Loftis' Family Of 7 BlogMarsha Loftis’ Family of 7 blog features one of the shortest, and perhaps cutest of podcasts of anthropomorphic fiction ever. It is the story of a kitten named “Sniffles” who needs both an owner and a new name. In Kitten Story our hero Sniffles visits a pet zoo, leaves the city, and goes to the top of a mountain. You’ll dig the surprise ending too!

Morgan's Kitten StoryKitten Story
By Morgan; Read by Morgan
1 MP3 File – 1 Minute 37 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Morgan’s Kitten Story Podcast
Podcast: May 2007

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Also available, but no longer in the podcast feed is Cinderella Story , also by Morgan, which is a Battlestar Galactica -style re-imagining of the Greco-EgyptianCinderella fairy tale |MP3|.

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  1. thankyou, Morgan will be thrilled to see her story on display for others to hear and see. I fixed the cinderella story so that it is available. She has a couple of others stories I will repost as well.

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