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Harper Audio - The Graveyard Book by Neil GaimanLibrarian Susan Duman points out…

Neil Gaiman’s new book, The Graveyard Book, was released this week and Neil’s on a U.S. book tour. At each stop he reads a different chapter of his book in front of an audience, which is recorded – both audio and video – and posted on the web. At the end of the tour, those following each video installment will have had the opportunity to hear the entire book. This approach has the potential to do a number of things, not least of which is to make Neil’s fans happy. (I’m a fan and it makes me happy!) But it also shows potential buyers of the audiobook (which Neil narrates) that Neil can indeed do a wonderful job reading his own material. And I guess the thinking is that if listeners like his public reading, then they might consider purchasing the audiobook version – a clean production minus audience coughs, claps, and other distracting noises. Or, if you prefer the print version, I suppose it still publicizes that as well.

Here are the first three…

Have a look at the rest of the readings as they are released HERE.

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3 thoughts to “Hear the entire The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman”

  1. I just got this book and it is really great. Gaiman’s narrating is wonderful too. It is being sold as a YA book, or at least was at Audible, which is where I picked it up. However, it will please a broader audience, I think. At least it is pleasing me quite a lot! :-)

  2. This is a very interesting strategy that I hope works out well for Neil. I too am a big fan and I too am very happy about the free readings, even though I plan to purchase the audiobook via Audible shortly. This move, along with allowing readers to peruse American Gods for free for one month a while back, shows that Neil is more hip than most authors to the changing landscape of the publishing world.

  3. Awesome. Glad Neil realizes that his “tribe” will follow him and support him even if he gives away content… gasp!!!

    I love his work almost unequivocally, but it was a special treat listening to him read his work in “Neverwhere” and the story collection “Fragile Things.”

    This one is on the express list to my iPod.

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