Here’s an interview with Alexander Wilson, the cre…

SFFaudio Interview

Here’s an interview with Alexander Wilson, the creative mind behind Telltale Weekly, a website dedicated to building a free online audio library. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m a big fan of NPR [National Public Radio] when driving, exercising, or working at my day-job. And, as an avid reader, I never feel I have enough time in the day to read all the stuff I want. Before starting this project, I’d take a work with me by converting a Project Gutenberg text or a long online article to an MP3 or AAC using my Mac’s text-to-speech ability and a GUI/program I released called Audiobook Studio. Very utilitarian, but it’s tedious to listen to a lot of it. A few years ago I sold my recording equipment because of space and money considerations, and have since been looking for an excuse to replace it. When the back of your mind constantly looks for new ideas, occasionally one comes up that seems worth pursuing.

Enjoy the entire interview here.

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