Star Wars Fanworks

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Star Wars Fanworks LogoHey, are you’re a fan of the Dragon Page Wingin’ It‘s TD-0013? If so be sure to make quick Bantha tracks over to the hard-slogginest audio fan fic site on the net – Star Wars Fanworks. This is probably a site you’ve never heard of before, and that’s understandable, SWF’s focus is quite targetted, it exists for one purpose – the promotion and admiration of fan created Star Wars audio.

In many ways is to Star Wars what is to Science Fiction and Fantasy audio literature in general. Both sites are passionately dedicated to an obscure branch of audio goodness. Our younger brother was created in June of 2003 (SFFaudio was birthed in March of 2003) since then they’ve been gathering together every fan created Star Wars dramatization the net’s got. It is clearly a labour only achievable by mastery of The Force – by clicking on over you’ll find links to fan created audio of nearly every kind – there are parodies, straight audio dramas, and non-fiction Star Wars audio too – heck they even have terrific details on the officially licenced Star Wars audio dramas. Check them out!

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