Hour 25 interviews Laurell K. Hamilton

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Hour 25Hour 25 has posted an interview with Laurell K. Hamilton who talks with host Warren James about her recent novel Danse Macabre, which continues the adventures of monster hunter Anita Blake. Also on the plate is her novel Mistral’s Kiss. The show is in the m3u format, which does not make listening portable. You can listen to the entire show, via THIS link, or just the interview via THIS one. Promised future guests include: Vernor Vinge, William Tenn, Steven Barnes and Alan Dean Foster.

2 thoughts to “Hour 25 interviews Laurell K. Hamilton”

  1. Hour 25 was the best audio show around until the host got too busy to keep up with it. What used to be a bi-weekly program is now a bi-yearly program. Very, very sad. Hour 25 is missed.

  2. I one hundred percent agree. H25 on the net long before podcasting technology happened, but it never took up the technology. I suspect that the interminable delays between shows was in part due to the giant amount of website related was involved.

    I’ve been subscribed to H25’s newsletter (which is supposed to tell you when a new show is out) for years and haven’t received one email in all those years. :(

    There must be a podcaster in L.A. who can show them the ropes – if only for their old shows.

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