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Hypersonic Tales - Speculative Flash Fiction in Text and Audio Here’s a happy story! A while ago I bitched about how Hypersonic Tales, a new flash fiction zine with audio, wasn’t podcasting its audio. Well now that’s fixed! Editor Pamela Perkins writes in to say:

“OK. We did it.

I told you we already had been trying to figure out how to evolve into actual podcasting. Well, we took your advice and are now using HuffDuffer. My co-producer (the technical end of the biz) was impressed with it. It’s easy to use and it’s a great way to find some pretty cool audio files. But he figures that part of the reason that more people don’t use it is the way it looks, which is kinda bare. And it would be helpful if it tracked how often files are accessed. Otherwise, it’s great for us. It keeps us from having to sit around and update RSS feeds all day and our files are automatically in iTunes. So, I guess you can say, we’ve gone from Commodore VIC-20 to Commodore 64 over the past month.

It’s among several enhancements we’ve implemented in that time: we’ve made our lead page more user-friendly, a new comments box on the monthly issue pages, and other reorganizational things. We also got new audio equipment. And more improvements are coming. Our October next issue will be out by Sunday.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.”

Thank you Pamela! I kind of dig the stripped down simplicity of the HuffDuffer website. It’s not craigslist ugly, but it is just as simple to use and navigate.

So needless to say I’m subscribing to your new HuffDuffer podcast feed and I recommend everyone else give it a shot too. Here it is:


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  1. Woops forgot to mention this. Though HuffDuffer doesn’t track numbers of downloads, your own server should still be able to give you a download count for each file. :)

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