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SFFaudio MetaLots of Hugo Award talk, as this year’s nominating deadline rapidly approaches (Feb 28 is the final day to submit nominations). We’ve got a page here at SFFaudio that contains a list of audio versions of Hugo Award winning fiction. We compiled it over four years ago. Things have changed so rapidly over the last two years that the page fell embarrassingly out of date, so Jesse and I are rebuilding it using nothing but twine and an old screwdriver. Oh yeah, and the internet. We’re including cover art when we can find it, so the process is slow – but here is the first part which contains a list of Hugo Awards from the 2000’s. Find it |HERE|. If you spot any errors or omissions, please contact the nearest authorities, and then zip me an e-mail. Our hopes and dreams include getting a new decade added to this list each week.

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