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Hypersonic Tales - Speculative Flash Fiction in Text and AudioPamela Perkins of Hypersonic Tales writes in to say:

“We’re a free speculative fiction webzine that creates audio productions of everything we run.”

Indeed, Hypersonic Tales, which bills itself as being about “Speculative Flash Fiction – Text and Audio” does have audio files for every story (along with the text versions). In fact they’ve got quite a few stories in all four of its issues produced so far. The problem is these are only accessible via a built in player. Now to be fair this is probably how a good percentage of some group out the people out there on the web consumes their audio (especially of “flash” length). Heck, there are people who are making web browsers for the Commodore 64! So, I certainly wouldn’t put it past some people to do their listening the hard way. But me, I’m for the easy way, and so listening while staring at my monitor isn’t how I listen to fiction, even flash fiction. I listen via my iPod. That means it needs a podcast feed, or, at the very least, direct links to the MP3 files so I could make my own podcast feed using HuffDuffer.com. I also suggest the site itself be given the full blog treatment. Because everyone who knows what an RSS feed is uses one.

Posted by Jesse Willis

One thought to “Hypersonic Tales – a webzine of FLASH FICTION”

  1. Thanks for the fair review, Jesse. :-)

    In our constant tweaking, we’ve been reviewing ways to make our audio downloadable. And that change should be happening pretty soon. We’ll let you know.

    — Pamela Perkins, editor of Hypersonic Tales

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